Fusion : hos_PSDLayers 1.4

Here’s a small update to the hos_PSDLayers eyeonscript, forgot to fix Fusion 7 support, sorry for that folks.

What’s new in v1.4:

  1. Added Fusion 7 support by iterating over tables by using ipairs.

visit the original post or download below


8 thoughts on “Fusion : hos_PSDLayers 1.4

  1. The scripts seems nice, if I would get it working. Once I load any PSD file and activate the script, the log says it’s not a PSD file. I have Fusion 7.5 (black magic design). Any suggestion? Thanks.

    • Hi Steve, there was a bug in 7.5 that prevented psd files from working (all layers always showed the merged image). I haven’t tested it but maybe that throws off Sven’s script? You can get a fixed 7.6 from blackmagic (just register/download again for the free version).

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  3. Good day!
    Does this work in Fusion8.2 on Windows10?
    I get this error when running the script:
    attempt to index global โ€˜fileโ€™ (a nil value)

    • Hi Maria,

      seems the script fails with the bmd/eyeon module (this was fixed for the EXR script, but seeing this script uses the same preference saving functionality and thus has the same bug, i need to fix it here as well.)

      In order to quickly fix it is be just editing the script and enter return {} on the line after myscriptprefs = function(op)



      • Hi Sven!
        Just wanted to say your super script is still super awesome.
        I used it alot back in 6.4 and Im trying to get it to work under 8.2.
        I tried adding the line return {} on the line after myscriptprefs = function(op)
        I thought i did it but now I get the following error:

        [string “???”]:1: …lackmagic Design/Fusion 8/Scripts/Tool/hos_PSDLayers.lua:42: ‘end’ expected (to close ‘function’ at line 36) near ‘local’

        Now I will admit I am complete n00b when comes to scripts so it could be I just did not understand where to add your quick fix in the script.

        Can u point out what I am doing wrong?

        With kind regards,
        Albert ‘t Hooft


          • Hi Sven,

            Thanks for having a look at your script again.
            I updated the script to the 1.6 version.
            but i got a different error message this time:

            …lackmagic Design/Fusion 8/Scripts/Tool/hos_PSDLayers.lua:80: attempt to index global ‘file’ (a nil value)

            Do i still need to apply the same fix as you previous stated :
            return {} on the line after myscriptprefs = function(op)

            Good news your custom menu did pop up this time so its off to good start ๐Ÿ™‚

            Once again many thanks for your time!


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