Fusion: hos_PSDLayer v1.2

Here’s a small update to the hos_PSDLayers eyeonscript.

What’s new in v1.2:

  1. Added Prefix string
  2. Added saveSettings and loadSettings for newly created Loaders, so they ‘inherit’ the original PSD Loader settings (needs further testing though, as Global In and Out seem to do their usual freaky shit.)

visit the original post or download below

download : hos_PSDLayers_v1.2


7 thoughts on “Fusion: hos_PSDLayer v1.2

  1. Hi! When I have a PSD file with layers in loader, and I righ click on it to use the script, I see the UI opening for the script, but after clicking OK, nothing happens. I get the following error:

    …/eyeon/Fusion/Scripts/Tool/hos_PSDLayers.eyeonscript:60: attempt to index global ‘file’ (a nil value)

    I have Fusion 6.4 in Win 7 64 bit machine. Thanks. Alkesh.

  2. Thanks for the fine script, former classmate!
    We’re using it now for the some of the multiplaneshots of the 60min-handdrawn-animation we are currently working on. Sure comes in handy!

    We changed the userpermissions of the C:/Program files/eyeon/fusion64 -folder(to full control) to fix the:
    “…/eyeon/Fusion/Scripts/Tool/hos_PSDLayers.eyeonscript:60: attempt to index global ‘file’ (a nil value)”-error

    Win7 wouldn’t allow the current user to write something in the fusion-programfolder.. (whch is what the script does)

    • Hey Kaspar,

      long time no see, working on Trippel Trappel i take it?

      I’ll see if i can change the way the temporary clipboard path is set, as with Windows 7 all folders in Program Files are indeed protected.


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