Fusion : hos_SaverLister 1.0 (public preview release)

Here’s the public preview release of our hos_SaverLister eyeonscript. It’s a cleanup/rewrite of an in house tool to more easily manage multiple savers in a comp. It allows to toggle pass through, setting start and end render ranges per saver, all from one interface. Installation: download zip, unzip hos_SaverLister.eyeonscript into your Scripts/Comp folder of choice…

Fusion : hos_PSDLayers 1.4

Here’s a small update to the hos_PSDLayers eyeonscript, forgot to fix Fusion 7 support, sorry for that folks. What’s new in v1.4: Added Fusion 7 support by iterating over tables by using ipairs. visit the original post or download below

Fusion: hos_SplitEXR 1.5

Fixed two errors that made the script unusable for everyone using Windows 7,8 or Fusion 7 Fixed the preference saving on Win 7 and 8. This is the same problem that occurs on all tools that use the script preference saving function this tool uses. Added Fusion 7 support by explicitly using ipairs when iterating…

Fusion : hos_PSDLayers 1.3

Here’s a small update to the hos_PSDLayers eyeonscript. What’s new in v1.3: Fixed an error on Win7/8 where a script no longer has permissions on the filesystem to dump the tool settings to any folder other than the user’s home directory. Fixed filmback aspect ratio problem (plane not matching camera fov) visit the original post…

Fusion : OnCreate.scriptlib

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