Fusion : hos_PSDLayers 1.4

Here’s a small update to the hos_PSDLayers eyeonscript, forgot to fix Fusion 7 support, sorry for that folks. What’s new in v1.4: Added Fusion 7 support by iterating over tables by using ipairs. visit the original post or download below


Fusion: hos_SplitEXR 1.5

Fixed two errors that made the script unusable for everyone using Windows 7,8 or Fusion 7 Fixed the preference saving on Win 7 and 8. This is the same problem that occurs on all tools that use the script preference saving function this tool uses. Added Fusion 7 support by explicitly using ipairs when iterating…


Fusion : hos_PSDLayers 1.3

Here’s a small update to the hos_PSDLayers eyeonscript. What’s new in v1.3: Fixed an error on Win7/8 where a script no longer has permissions on the filesystem to dump the tool settings to any folder other than the user’s home directory. Fixed filmback aspect ratio problem (plane not matching camera fov) visit the original post…


Fusion : OnCreate.scriptlib

After struggling to get this code pasted on a fusion forum without said forum’s text editor trying to ‘fix’ my text (even in a code box, seriously IP.Board, get your shit together!), i decided it was just easier to post it here and link to my own site. Whatever, more clicks for me i guess.…


Lightwave Toggle Instances

Simple script that toggles all instance handlers on selected items. Simple tool, but seems to be missing on default Lightwave3D installs. The script is based on part toggle_instance and part bake_instance by Bob Hood. Written in Python (LWPy). Install the script in /LightWave11.x/support/plugins/scripts/Python/Layout/Generic/ or in your script folder you prefer or is used by your pipeline.…


Fusion Attribute Spreadsheet, first release.

Over the course of the last weeks, in-between jobs and whenever some time was available, i worked on a rewrite of a spreadsheet editor i once made over 2 years ago. I posted a teaser on the Pigsfly forums back then and forgot about it, partially because i’m just forgetful, but also because i’ve had…


Fusion 7 webinar 15 days remaining entry

In anticipation of the Fusion 7 webinar Eyeon organized, a large part of the user base helped create a countdown series of movies created primarily using Eyeon’s Fusion. This is my 15 days remaining entry. And here is the comp for you to download and toy around with. 15_days_to_webinar_comp


Fusion: hos_Macro2Group eyeonscript

This simple tool script converts a Macro to a Group and vice versa. So, with that cleared up: download : here To install, unpack into your ../Scripts/Tool folder. To use, RMB on the Macro/Group and choose scripts->hos_Macro2Group.