Fusion : hos_PSDLayers.eyeonscript v1.0

Hi folks, here’s a cleaned up and GUI-ed script that creates a Loader for each Layer in the PSD file and then merges these together or places each of the layers on an individual 3D Image Plane.

Here’s a small video explaining the script, sorry for the clickety-clicks in the audio track, i have no idea why my headset or recording software does this sometimes.

Hope you have some use for it.v1.0


Change list:

Added Prefix string
Added saveSettings and loadSettings for newly created Loaders, so
they ‘inherit’ the original PSD Loader settings (needs further testing
though, as Global In and Out seem to do their usual freaky shit.)

download : hos_PSDLayers_v1.2


Added layer names to generated Loader

(I never uploaded this?)


v 1.0
Initial version.

download : hos_PSDLayers v1.0


19 thoughts on “Fusion : hos_PSDLayers.eyeonscript v1.0

  1. Thanks for sharing!!! Can you done script to do the same thing but with the nodes in fusion. I done all layers in fusion, then i put their in photoshop and back to fusion with your script. It would be magnificent if upply your script for group in FU, with the same menu decompose as psd image! Thanks!!!

  2. Hi Sven,

    I was very happy to finaly find the tool that will speed up the process and thank you for that anyhow.
    However i’am running to the same error in 32bit of FU, as well as 6.0 x64 and the brand new 6.1 x64…

    I’ve copied the script in the comp subdir, did what you do in the video tut and this error appers
    …/Hos_psdLayers.eyeonscript:67 attempt to index global ‘tool’ (a nil value)

    This happens with any psd i load.

    What am i doing wrong.

      • Well, that wasn’t it, code is up to snuff with the EXR splitter.

        The error occurs when nothing is selected and the script is somehow run.
        I can’t really reproduce this error, which is quite annoying trying to debug it.

        Could you record what you are doing using something like Jing, Camtasia or other screencast software?

        • Hi Sven,

          Sorry for the delay, had bunch of thinbgs to dp.
          Sent you an email with the recording.

          Thanks in advance.


          • Hi Vladan,

            just repeating what i said in the email, just in case others might run into this problem.

            This script is a Tool script and should be placed in the Scripts/Tool directory.

            Again, thanks for sending the movie, it was a big help in tracking the problem down.


  3. Really nice tool, congratz!

    but i have one preblem 🙁
    i have copied the script in:
    But i received this error:
    …on/Fusion 6.1/Scripts/Tool/hos_PSDLayers.eyeonscript:50: attempt to index global ‘file’ (a nil value)

    i use Fusion x64 6.1 build 697
    Any suggestion?


  4. Problem Solved!!

    i’m very happy 🙂

    this script totally AWESOME.

    My problem:
    Under Win7 x64 UAC otpions…
    Now all fine.
    i Run fusion.exe, EyeonScript.exe and EyeonServer.exe with administrator service, and PSDLayer script run 🙂

    thx again for this script;)


  5. hey thank you for script i am using x64 6.4 fusion this windows 7 , this is not happen after hit ok after all the setting ,
    or please share the file copy paste location ,

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  7. Hi Sven,
    I’m trying this script (v1.6) on Fusion 9 Studio and I’m getting the same error as mentioned above:
    …lackmagic Design\Fusion 9\Scripts\Tool\hos_PSDLayers.lua:80: attempt to index global ‘file’ (a nil value)

    1) I’m running as admin on Windows 10-64
    2) I do have ScriptPrefs folder
    3) the options dialog of the script shows up but nothing happens when applied

    What might be the issue?
    Thanks in advance

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