Fusion: hos_SplitEXR 1.5

Fixed two errors that made the script unusable for everyone using Windows 7,8 or Fusion 7

  1. Fixed the preference saving on Win 7 and 8. This is the same problem that occurs on all tools that use the script preference saving function this tool uses.
  2. Added Fusion 7 support by explicitly using ipairs when iterating table value key pairs.

7 thoughts on “Fusion: hos_SplitEXR 1.5

  1. how do i install these script. im a newbie to fusion.
    I use a lot CG generated images on my workflow, normaly 3dsmax + vray, any aditional tips on how to use your tool?
    By the way VERY GOOD IDEA! it was frustrating when i loaded my first openEXR and found that fusion 7 dont auto recognise the passes ( 3d extra channels) …

    • Hi Paulo,

      this script is a tool script, so you should place it into the Tool sub-directory of your Scripts folder, the location of this folder depends on how you have set up your preferences, but the default location is in your Fusion install directory.

      I do however suggest you create some extra folders in an easily manageable location, be it a location on a server or in your Documents folder (you can then add the paths of these extra folders in your globals preference path maps, separate extra folders with a semicolon)

      Once you’ve copied the script and then restarted Fusion it should be accessible via the RMB script menu when clicking on a tool in the flow.

      Hope this helps.

  2. Does this work in Fusion8?
    I get this error when running the script:
    …t/Blackmagic Design/Fusion/Scripts/Tool/hos_SplitEXR.lua:70: attempt to index global ‘file’ (a nil value)

  3. I would also love a version of this script that works in fusion 8.
    It has been a huge time saver in fusion 7.

  4. Hi Sven,

    Thanks for this great script. It saves me a lot of time. Anyway, I was using this script was Fusion 8 and it was working very well. But after I upgraded from Win7 Home Premium to Win7 Professional, it stopped working for some reason.

    Each time I load an EXR and click to run the script, the UI loads fine, but when I click OK, I get this error message in the Console:

    …g/Blackmagic Design/Fusion/Scripts/Tool/hos_SplitEXR.lua:80: attempt to index global ‘file’ (a nil value)

    Can you help me fix this please?

  5. Hello there 🙂

    Very new to Fusion, I’d need to use this script … doesn’t seem to work in Fusion 9, same error as above:
    …g\Blackmagic Design\Fusion\Scripts\Tool\hos_SplitEXR.lua:80: attempt to index global ‘file’ (a nil value)

    Any chance to solve that, please ?

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