Fusion : hos_SplitEXR v1.1

Updated the script to incorporate some features and fixes that where suggested by Stefan from südlich-t.

Added mapping of XYZ channel names to RGB.
Added a GUI with the placement option that handles the placement of split loaders (have not figure out how to grab these options from the user preferences yet.)

I will add the ability to choose what should happen with certain channel data mapping wise, and i will add an option to map Z channel data to either the RGB channels or the actual Z channel.

Keep posting any strange behaviour of course.

visit the original post for the update


One thought on “Fusion : hos_SplitEXR v1.1

  1. Hi, I was trying to use hos_splitEXR but I always get this error:
    …eon/Fusion 6.0/Scripts/Comp/hos_SplitEXR.eyeonscript:39: attempt to index global ‘tool’ (a nil value)

    strange thing, it worked propperly once but failed after that, it doesn’t matter if I reset Fusion. I don’t know what to do, I need an easy way to split EXR’s automatically. Thanks in advance.

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