Fusion : hos_SplitEXR v1.2

Updated the hos_SplitEXR script to version 1.2.

This version should have the ’attempt to index global ‘tool’ (a nil value)’ error fixed.

I still have no idea why this seemingly random error occurred, but adding the extra TOOLST_Clip_FormatName check seems to have fixed it (at least i can’t reproduce it anymore as i could before.)

visit the original post for the updated version


2 thoughts on “Fusion : hos_SplitEXR v1.2

  1. that error continues 🙁
    …on/Fusion 6.1/Scripts/Comp/hos_PSDLayers.eyeonscript:67: attempt to index global ‘tool’ (a nil value)
    and the script run only under scripts/comp …

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