Lightwave : Anaglyph Stereo previewing in OpenGL

Been busy on a video to illustrate a nice work around to a missing option to view anaglyph stereo in the OpenGL viewport in LW. Parts of it have been gathering dust on my hard disk since before last Christmas and i was never satisfied with it, so i scrapped the lot and started over last night in a bout of insomnia, it’s a pretty rough edit, it doesn’t always flow too well, but it does get the message across.

The ‘US Military Base’ model i used in the video is a model by Jon Fletcher and was downloaded from TurboSquid, i tweaked it a bit for my stereo work flow videos (mostly repositioning of items and the addition of some large scale terrain.)

My Layout preferences are pretty much out of the box settings, with the exception of the Shading Method that has been set to GLSL Shaders and my DOF/MBlur Preview Passes is set to 2 for this video.

And on a last note, i apologize before hand for the crappy audio quality (I’m still using a 20 euro Logitech headset for this, for now) and for the lots of ‘uhms’ and ‘ahs’ as i struggle to not stick my foot too far up my mouth (hey, it was late and English isn’t my native language)

Part 1

Part 2


6 thoughts on “Lightwave : Anaglyph Stereo previewing in OpenGL

    • No problem, I was working on the addendum, got some of the videos done, but at the moment I’m being swamped with work again, so it’s on hold again.

  1. Very nice! Are all your brackets in the video just ( ) or are there some [ ] in there too? Difficult to see and I am having a hard time recreating the effect.

    Any chance you could provide the scene file, even just as an empty one?

    • Hi Petter,

      there’s only normal brackets in the formula, really hard to read i know, seeing square brackets only differ by 2 pixels from normal brackets in the font NT decided to use for LW.

      Here’s the formula i used in the tutorial, camera motion blur length is set to 0.1% :

      Camera :
      (-0.08 * ((Time * 25 * 2000 + 0.001) & 1)) + ( 0.08 * ! ((Time * 25 * 2000 + 0.001 ) & 1))

      Light Left:
      (Time * 25 * 2000 + 0.001) & 1

      Light Right:
      (Time * 25 * 2000 + 1 + 0.001) & 1

      • Also, of importance to note, is that you need to set your MB/DOF Preview Passes (found in Display Preferences) to something that will sample properly with the time divisions in the formula, i have mine set to 2, but if you want to see motionblur in your Anaglyph previewing you’ll need to up this value and probably need to change the formula a bit to get even sampling with the left and right eye.

        As noted before, i will cover this in the addendum, but i’m seriously seriously swamped with work and i can only pull so many late nighters before i’m heading for a real burnout, so, don’t expect that video to be posted this week, but don’t hesitate asking questions, either here, or on the Newtek forums, i do lurk there a couple of times a day and will answer any questions you might have.

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