Fusion: hos_HeatMap version 0.1

Here’s a small comp script written just for fun, and maybe it may be of some use to someone.
When you render a frame, each tool remembers the time it took to render (results may vary though per tool, situation or implementation), this script allows you to color all (or the currently selected) tools to a hue/saturation ramp/gradient depending on the normalized render time of the tool.

Couple of things:

  • ‘TOOLN_LastFrameTime’ attribute seems somewhat unpredictable, and OpenCL doesn’t seem to be taken into account. I’m not sure the render time is actual time taken in realtime, or merely a representation of total cpu render time.
  • SAVE YOUR COMP BEFORE RUNNING THIS SCRIPT when you have colorized your tools in your comp, setting tile colors on tools doesn’t seem to create an undo event (even when forcing Fusion to create one.)

So, with that cleared up:

download : hos_HeatMap version 0.1 here

To install, unpack into your ../Scripts/Comp folder, run from the Script menu.



2 thoughts on “Fusion: hos_HeatMap version 0.1

  1. I really like this script.
    Nuke got this same idea in it latest version
    unfortunately I think it need to update before use it with Fusion7
    the error is
    …magic Design/Fusion/Scripts/Comp/hos_HeatMap.eyeonscript:113: attempt to call a table value

  2. a great script!
    bad that does not work on the new version, I hope that it will be updated soon.
    Thanks in advance!

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