I’m not dead!

I feel like i need to post something here, just to let you folks know I’m not lying in a ditch somewhere or jobs are so bad i spend most of my time in some seedy neighborhood giving blow jobs to people just to pay my software subscription fees (actually, i think a drug addiction might be cheaper than having your artery attached to the Autodesk IV)

No, the reason is much more positive, things are going so well, that once work is done and spare time kicks in, i hardly have the energy to do something other than lie on the cough, playing with my XBox or myself, or both.

Anyway, don’t worry, I’m not abandoning this site and i am planning on dumping some stuff on here in the future, tutorials, various plug-ins and scripts, but most of it needs cleaning up, and, well, see the previous paragraph.

I feel like i should finish up with something witty, but, fuck it…


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