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eyeonfusion120Been working on this plugin last weekend, it does nothing revolutionary, basically it does the same as the default Deep Pixel Texture node, it allows you to map an image to a UV channel render.

I wrote the plugin more to learn a bit about the SDK and how the sub pixel sampling functions work (amazingly simple and incredibly well for that matter)

The only differences with the Deep Pixel Texture are that all options have viewport previews/handles and the plugin accepts UV as a Red Green image in the Background input, so you won’t need a Boolean tool to add Red Green data into a UV auxiliary channel.
It also has a crop option to pre crop the mapped image, you can also switch the view to you mapped image (to easily place crops) and you can switch to the actual cropped image.
The tool also offers different edge fill modes for pixels that fall outside the 0.0, 1.0 space of a UV map.

Another thing planned for this tool is to have an option where you can switch between using UV auxiliary channels instead of the Red Green channel, just for the heck of it.

So far, i made sure Fusion won’t explode when no inputs are present or when an input fails, but you never know, should it act funny, just let me know.

download : HoS_PixelMapper v1.1

download : HoS_PixelMapper v1.0

changes v1.1

  1. Added a Flip X, Flip Y and Rotate option so it is possible to flip the mapping image or rotate it in 90 degree steps (these operations happen before the cropping feature.)
  2. Center Position X-axis inverted so it now is easier to place your mapping image.
  3. Alpha is used as well now (this one seemed to have slipped through and i noticed it only till the last job.)
  4. When using a 8/16-bit integer image as UV map now works as well (not sure why you would want this, but hey, better save than sorry.)

changes v1.0

  1. initial release



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