Fusion : HoS_Tonemapper.plugin

Here’s a tonemapping plug-in, still a work on progress. It’s a tonemapper based on the Adaptive Global Luminance mapping as written in the paper ‘Comprehensive Fast Tone Mapping for High Dynamic Range Image Visualization‘ by Jiang Duan, Guoping Qiu and Min Chen. For now i have left out the more complex linear scale histogram equalization…

Fusion : HoS_PixelMapper.plugin

Been working on this plugin last weekend, it does nothing revolutionary, basically it does the same as the default Deep Pixel Texture node, it allows you to map an image to a UV channel render. I wrote the plugin more to learn a bit about the SDK and how the sub pixel sampling functions work…

Fusion : HoS_Negative.plugin

And here it is ladies and gentlemen, the awesomest plug-in ever written by man, 2.5 years of research and programming, over 430.000 lines of code, strap into your seats and hold on: The node, that inverts shit! . download : Hos_Negative

Fusion : HoS_MayaToxic2DMV.plugin

A Fusion plug-in that converts a Maya/MentalRay 2D Motion Vector (2dMVToxik) render pass to a normalized data set that Re:VisionFX’s ReelSmart Motion Blur can us. All you as user need to do, is render out your 2dMVToxik pass as you normally would (either embedded as extra EXR pass or as a single RGB(A) file) and…

Fusion : Toggle_Passthrough.eyeonscript

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